Andalusia's hidden treasure: 
Table Mountain Restaurant in Los Ventorros, Comares


Discover its NATURAL beauty and CULINARY delights.

A beautiful small sized table shaped mountain (locally known as la mesa de Mazmullar) that offers walks to its summit (only 25 min. and shaded!) and a peak into Moorish times. Breathtaking views, the smell of trees, clean air and the sound of silence, singing birds and grasshoppers will make you feel revived. With a lovely restaurant and bar/lounge at its foot to relax and enjoy. And do visit the unspoiled white village of Comares too! A great tip for a lovely day-trip!

Would you like to make a wonderful excursion or daytrip in the south of Spain? Or are you looking for a good restaurant in the Axarquía (inland area of Malaga) for great international food and drinks? Or both? You just found your destination! Comares is beautifully located and priviliged for its views but has a second reason to be visited: An unknown GEM is its closeby TABLE MOUNTAIN, la mesa de Masmullar. Logical startingpoint for a walk up this lovely mountain is the bar/restaurant “Table Mountain” at the foot of the hill in the pretty hamlet of "los Ventorros" (just a few minutes downhill from Comares).


Living in the Costa de Sol?

If you are staying (or living) on the Costa del Sol (southern Spain) in Andalusia, you're missing out on something if you just stay on the coast. Take your (rental-)car and come to Comares and make an interesting daytrip to the unspoiled inland area (campo) of the Axarquía. The drive from Malaga to Comares through the hills with breathtaking views will take only a small hour.

Off the beaten track: Touring through beautiful landscapes, natural splendour, a typical Spanish white village and an inspiring healthy walk up to the beautiful and undiscovered Table Mountain is what you may expect to find during this excursion. And why not have some delicious food and drinks in Table Mountain’s own bar/restaurant. It’s relaxing and invigorating! A perfect day out from the Costa del Sol or anywhere in Andalusia…

Undisputed jewel in the crown of the villages in the inland Axarquía area is the typical unspoiled Spanish village of COMARES. Majesticly overlooking the Axarquía from its proud hilltop with amazing views towards the Mediterranean. Small, friendly and full of history: This was one of the last Moorish strongholds, hence its Moorish architecture. Walk its pittoresq streets and feel like a Spaniard...

Comares and its Table Mountain make a perfect day out to enjoy the beauty that inland Andalusia has to offer and be away from the crowded coast. Discover this unspoiled, natural and historical surprise. And enjoy great food in the restaurant at the foot of the hill : Welcome to TABLE MOUNTAIN, Comares!!

Comares Excursion & Table Mountain Restaurant.