May: Tapas, Love and a Moroccan Weekend!

In Comares Spain

Andalusian countryside off the beaten path
Coordinates: 004° 16‘ 19" W - 36° 50‘ 31" N 



May: for us up here in the Montes de Málaga this is the best part of Spring!  The weather is usually very nice with sunny, bright days and so many flowers in bloom! In May the air is filled with the sweet smells and the hills look ready for a party. A great time for a nice long walk. Very much worth a visit and we are right smack in the middle of it all!


Driving up to Comares all the slopes are a sight to be seen. If you are more used to mountain driving we'd recommend you take the road from Los Ventorros towards Málaga, as the views towards the sea are really magical. Get out of your car and take a deep, deep breath. If you like walking, there are some incredible walks round Los Ventorros and Comares, and these will get you up close and personal with the almond trees, some of which have been there for hundreds of years!

Table Mountain is hosting all kinds of special events in May as well, including a special paella every Sunday, and a very, very popular tapas night every Friday, see the picture above, doesn't that look absolutely delicious? Lots of live music again as well.

The great local artist Ursula Williams will be opening an exhibition on May 11th at 19.00UrsulaWilliams_3.png 






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Have a drink and a rest

Before or after this walk you will be thirsty or hungry. Don't skip a visit to the table Mountain restaurant and bar, at the foot of the mountain and natural startingpoint for the walk up. This renowed restaurant offers quality food and service and is relatively inexpensive! You won't find a better place to eat and drink in the area, the nice food and atmosphere in the restaurant alone is worth the trip inland as many say..

Next on this pleasure trip you can visit the white washed village of Comares, only a few minutes from it's Table Mountain. Like the latter it is not a place cramped with tourists, Comares remains a friendly little village with winding narrow streets to stroll around, admire the Moorish arquitecture, the church, a very beautiful and tipical graveyard "with a view"and from the square the panorama towards the Mediterrenean is just extraorinary and wonderful! Thanks to its impressive situation just over 2300 feet/700 meters this was one of the last Moorish strongholds before the catholic kings were able to conquer it in 1487.

Thanks to it's high geographic location on a large rock Comares is also reffered to as "the crow's nest" "the balcony of the Axarquía".

All in all this excursion will give you the perfect impression of the amazing inland landscape, nature, culinary delights and life in a pretty, typical Spanish village. Meet the friendly "Comareños" (inhabitants of Comares), discover the hidden and non-touristy Table Mountain and enjoy a perfect day in the Spanish "campo". Welcome to Table Mountain and Comares (Malaga)...

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